The Hearing Voices Network Hits the Mainstream!

The Hearing Voices movement began in Europe in the late 1980s when Marius Romme, a psychiatrist, realized that his training and therapeutic techniques were not helping one of his patients to manage the voices in her head. In listening to Patsy Hage, Romme began to wonder if maybe other voice-hearers might be in a better […]

The lure of ‘cool’ brain research is stifling psychotherapy

Allen Frances is an American psychiatrist. He was chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina, and of the task force that produced the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-IV (1994). He is the author of Differential Therapeutics (1984), Your Mental Health (1999), Saving Normal (2013), Essentials of Psychiatric […]

The Tyranny of Time

How Long Does Effective Therapy Really Take? It’s been a long time since a systematic study asked clients whether they were actually getting what they needed from their psychotherapy. To be precise, it’s been 25 years since Consumer Reports conducted the study. By far the most cited on the topic in the literature, it gathered data from […]

Transdiagnostic Approaches to Mental Health Problems: Current Status and Future Directions

Despite a longstanding and widespread influence of the diagnostic approach to mental ill health, there is an emerging and growing consensus that such psychiatric nosologies may no longer be fit for purpose in research and clinical practice. In their place, there is gathering support for a “transdiagnostic” approach that cuts across traditional diagnostic boundaries or, more radically, sets […]

A New Approach To Mental Health Care, Imported From Abroad

Walk south down Vine Street in Los Angeles, California, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, past the stars embedded in the sidewalk for the likes of Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and Cyd Charisse, and past homeless people sleeping in front of the Trader Joe’s or sitting at bus stops with their possessions. You’ll come to […]