Creating a guide for parents during lock down – by children

Inspired by Mehmet Dinc, from Turkey, a number of narrative practitioners have consulted children  in their lives to create a guide for parents during lockdown. The first version can be downloaded here But we still welcome new contributions! “Because of the corona virus, schools has shut down and children have to stay at home with your parent […]

Words matter: the Royal College of Psychiatrists' position statement on personality disorder

January, 2020, saw the publication of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ position statement on personality disorder.1 In comparison with the current NICE guidelines,2 the statement sets out an arguably more radical vision for the future of services for people diagnosed with personality disorder,2 with recommendations on the need for accurate diagnosis, staff support, and people […]

Window of Opportunity: Reflections on “Dialogue in a Time of Crisis”

Coming up May 1 – Live Town Hall #2: Is Dialogical Response the Most Effective — and Most Necessary — Response to Crises? “During the first couple of days of a crisis, it seems possible to speak of things that later are difficult to introduce … It is as if the window for these extreme […]