Just released Book of Abstracts from the 2021 International Open Dialogue Research Collaboration

Project coordinator Dr. Raffaella Pocobello this week released the Book of Abstracts from this summer’s online conference. Highlights and videos of the keynote presentations can be found on the HOPEnDialogue website. The third meeting of the International Open Dialogue Research Collaboration convened Open Dialogue pioneers from across the globe in June 2021. The Collaboration includes […]

How antidepressant withdrawal presents itself, and how to help people withdraw safely

Stevie Lewis (above left) is a campaigner and board member of the International Institute of Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal. Dr Mark Horowitz (above right) is a clinical research fellow in psychiatry at University College London and the NHS. The following text was co-written by them.   Prescribers ill-equipped to recognize, address withdrawal syndrome Patients’ actual experience […]