Big News! Announcing our new partnership with Open Society Foundations

We are so excited to finally get to tell you about the conversations we’ve been having for a couple of years now with folks at Open Society Foundations. OSF is well known internationally for its aim of “advancing justice, education, public health and independent media”. In 2016, that aim began focusing in on mental health and OSF reached out to the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care to look for common ground and opportunities for partnership.
We are now ready to cement that partnership with a three-year matching grant of $2.8M! It is a sustaining grant beginning in 2019 through 2021 to continue the good work that our visionary donors have been pioneering for the last eight years, including international study and development of Open Dialogue, Hearing Voices training, and independent professional mental health reporting.
We’ve already made a lot of progress toward securing the needed $800K match for 2019, but we still have $125K to raise in donations and pledges before the deal is closed!
How important is this work to you? Who in your life needs the work of the Foundation to continue? I myself have too many dear friends and family to name, some lost and some still fighting. But my own pledge for 2019 is a legacy I hope to leave my grandchildren, a world where people experiencing mental health challenges are empowered to make informed, effective choices for their care and are treated with dignity and respect. We can create that world together.
Please check out the different ways you can pitch in: Donate nowbecome a monthly sustaining partnerpledge to give later, or start your own fundraiser to invite friends and family into this exciting, life-giving work! And thank you!
P.S. Stay tuned for developments! We expect to see some fun, creative ways our donors will use their talents to bring new friends to the Foundation and we’ll hear from some of the amazing folks doing the good work you all are making possible.

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  1. Great work and congratulations everyone at the FEMHC for this well deserved challenge grant!. This comes as a delightful and heartwarming break from all the bad political news circulating on the news on a near daily basis I particularly like your making this personal, as I too, see the movement for choices and alternatives in the mental health system as an extremely personal matter. When our daughter was caught in the web of psychiatry, I used every means possible to obtain person-centered, trauma informed personalized care for her. Parents should not have to go to the lengths of the world to find humane and effective care for our children. We are the richest nation on earth and as parents, we should be demanding better from our policy makers and leaders for individuals and families. Although I am of modest means, I will support this campaign to the best of my ability and tell my friends to do likewise.

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