Courageous Mental Health Film Premieres October 15 at Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles

CRAZY has been selected to screen Saturday, October 14th at the NYC Mental Health Film Festival ( and Sunday, October 15th at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles (

The one hour documentary tells the story of a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia, who goes off his meds because he is afraid of their side effects. His decision unleashes a series of personal, legal and medical conflicts that reveal how we think about and how we treat “severe mental illness.” The high stakes drama is the only film to explore Assisted Outpatient Treatment, dangerousness, mental health rights and consumer choices, issues hotly debated among stakeholders, the press and the legislatures.

Yana Jacobs, Chief of Development for the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care will be talking on CheddarTv on October 12 about the problems CRAZY highlights and the new kinds of treatment solutions FEMHC is working on.

  • Forty-six states have involuntary mental health commitment laws that can deny patients and their caregivers control over treatment.
  • Approximately two million people are involuntarily treated for mental health issues per year in the United States.


CRAZY is produced by Lise Zumwalt through her company Witness Documentary Films, Inc. Ms. Zumwalt has produced, written and edited films for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TELEVISION, PBS, WNET, BBC, NBC, THE HISTORY CHANNEL and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL on series including NATURE, NOVA, WIDE ANGLE, WHO CARES ABOUT GIRLS, AMERICAN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS & LOCKDOWN and has won 14 awards for her work.

Read Bruce Levine’s Movie Review


For more information:

Lise Zumwalt, Producer/Director

Witness Documentary Films, Inc.

917 992 2932

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