Groundwork nearly laid for launch of Open Dialogue pilot project in Germany

The groundwork is nearly laid, in collaboration with Dr. Sebastian von Peter at Brandenburg Medical School, for the first Open Dialogue pilot to be launched by the HOPEnDialogue collaboration. HOPEnDialogue is an international collaborative study to evaluate the effectiveness of Open Dialogue in various contexts and to support the centers around the world that adopt this approach. Other principal investigators for the pilot include HOPEnDialogue coordinator Dr. Raffaella Pocobello, chief investigator of the ODDESSI trial Dr. Stephen Pilling, and Dr. Mauricio Alvarez Monjarás, principal investigator of the evaluation of Peer Supported Open Dialogue in the Netherlands

The HOPEnDialogue study has mapped the existing centers practicing Open Dialogue worldwide, verifying how closely they follow the Open Dialogue principles, and is now poised to investigate the effectiveness of this approach in different contexts.

Open Excellence has provided the seed funding for the first three years of what is hoped will be a robust multi-year study of culturally-adapted Open Dialogue pilot projects around the world.


German Pilot Project set to launch January 2022

A group of eight adherence raters with a diversity of expertise, including individuals with lived experience, have been recruited and trained. The trainers were Mark Hopfebeck and Russell Razzaque, who are part of the ODDESSI team and members of the HOPEnDialogue board.

Final site selection will be made in time for the study start date of January 1, 2022.

Additionally, the German research group has coordinated the effort to elaborate a scientific paper reflecting on “psychiatrization and Open Dialogue” which will be submitted for publication at the end of October.

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