Just released Book of Abstracts from the 2021 International Open Dialogue Research Collaboration

Project coordinator Dr. Raffaella Pocobello this week released the Book of Abstracts from this summer’s online conference. Highlights and videos of the keynote presentations can be found on the HOPEnDialogue website.

The third meeting of the International Open Dialogue Research Collaboration convened Open Dialogue pioneers from across the globe in June 2021. The Collaboration includes participants from 24 countries, having surveyed 137 centers around the world to assess “the state of the art” of Open Dialogue.

What is Open Dialogue?

Open Dialogue is a resource-oriented approach (i.e. an approach focused on individuals’ and networks’ potentials) to provide care to people experiencing a mental health crisis. The client is involved in periodical treatment meetings together with family, their larger social network and mental health professionals. All treatment decisions are made collaboratively in these meetings.

Open Dialogue, developed in northern Finland, has shown excellent results there: 84% of persons experiencing a first episode psychosis returned to an active social life, and only 33% were exposed to neuroleptic medications. In usual care, almost everyone diagnosed with psychosis receives neuroleptic medication at the outset, and only a minority of them is symptom-free after 5 years. Since these results were published, the Open Dialogue approach has been adopted in several other countries. It remains to be seen, however, if it works equally well in different cultures and mental health care systems.

The HOPEnDialogue International Research Collaboration

HOPEnDialogue is an international collaborative study to evaluate the effectiveness of Open Dialogue in various contexts and to support the centers that adopt this approach. Open Excellence has funded the first three years of what is hoped to become a multi-site longitudinal study of Open Dialogue practice improvement in various contexts and cultures.

The HOPEnDialogue study will map the centers practicing Open Dialogue worldwide, verify how closely they follow the Open Dialogue principles, and investigate the effectiveness of this approach in different contexts.



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