Let’s do the impossible together

Today’s industrialized, bureaucratic mental health care poses an immense challenge to overcome. It can feel like change is simply impossible.

But throughout history, we see seemingly unshakable systems completely transformed by emerging insights and approaches.

We stand at such a tipping point now. The future of mental health care is here with us today. A paradigm shift in mental health care is not only possible, but imminent.

At Open Excellence, you get a preview of the public interest research and rights-based care innovations that will make the old way of low-quality, coercive care obsolete.

When you give, you bring that future even closer. And we can’t do it without you.

Right now, you can double the impact of your contribution up to $25,000 with the matching challenge from a fellow donor.

One way to do that is with an easy monthly pledge of $10, $25 or $60.

Don’t miss out. Double your impact for the day that effective, rights-based mental health care is available for all those we love.

Thank you!

Seana O’Callaghan
President & CEO

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