Nutrition & Mental Health Research Fund receives its second $100,000 donation

nutritionandmentalhealthfundprogress_090916The new donation was given to further stimulate investment in this area of research thus far neglected by government funding agencies — the use of broad-spectrum micronutrients for the treatment of mental health symptoms.

Thanks to the commitment of another anonymous donor, the Nutrition and Mental Health Research Fund at the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care now has an additional $100,000 to further our knowledge of how nutrition influences mental health and also to support and cultivate young scientists working on this important topic.

The Nutrition and Mental Health Research Fund was established by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, PhD in 2015 to support research and education on the ability of broad-spectrum nutrient treatments to reverse and prevent the onset of psychiatric symptoms, an area that has not yet been considered a priority by public funding agencies. A sister fund in Canada at the Calgary Foundation provides a way for Canadian citizens to make tax-deductible donations to the effort.

“We continue to be so grateful for the generosity of individuals who appreciate the importance of nutrition for mental health. This wonderful donation, as well as the previous one for $100,000, and also the many smaller ones that have been arriving, will assist scientists in accumulating further evidence in this domain. What this work is leading to is nothing less than a complete transformation in our understanding of the etiology and optimal treatment of mental disorders,” said Dr. Kaplan.

The first grant has already been awarded, and it will cover the costs of epigenetic analyses of serum samples that have been stored from children who were participating in a clinical trial of a broad-spectrum micronutrient formula. A second grant under consideration will fund a multi-centre clinical trial of a similar formula. Both of these first two grants are supporting studies in children and adolescents; future work involving adults with mental health challenges will also be funded.

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