One Week Left: Let’s knock it out of the park!

Hearing Voices groups. Dialogic practice. Peer respite.

These aren’t care as usual. They’re game-changing.

They’re the product of decades of hard work, research, and hope. And they’re just the beginning.

There’s so much more to discover, and some of the most innovative work next year will likely come from Open Excellence-funded researchers.

Right NOW: Your gift to support this pending research will be MATCHED, $1-for-$1, up to $25,000. Please help make sure we’re able to fund critical research studies.

Research can be expensive. Results don’t come quickly. Only your sustained support will make it happen.

Every gift counts.

Your support funds projects others overlook. We know the more brilliant minds we support, the more projects we fund, the more likely it is we’ll unlock the solutions to mental and emotional distress.

Will you step up to the plate? Your gift to Open Excellence before August 31st will fund research breakthroughs and support programs for individuals and families facing mental health challenges right now, and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Thank you for making a difference.


All of us at Open Excellence




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