Open Excellence Mourns Loss of Founding Board Member Bill Anthony

Cherished mentor and original board member Dr. Bill Anthony has passed. He was a true pioneer in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation and was instrumental in moving community programs all over the country away from the medical model to one that embraces the idea that all individuals have potential for growth. Dr. Anthony was the kindest, most thoughtful, all around great man.

Board member Dr. Gayle Berg, psychologist and student of Bill’s writes, “Aside from being an extraordinary teacher, mentor and friend– he was a Visionary in the field of mental health. He’s been referred to as “the father of the recovery movement” and devoted his professional life to creating a “paradigm shift” in mental health care. His contributions have been enormous and the world is surely a better place as a result of his life’s work. Not only have his contributions been vast but his ability to exude compassion and caring–the consummate human being is what I will remember most about him!!!”

Veteran state and national activist Laura Van Tosh shared her remembrance on Facebook:

The founder of “National Napping Day,” and a great leader in the behavioral health field leaves us with lessons.

My early understanding of recovery came from Bill Anthony and Judi Chamberlin. They modeled a peer-researcher collaboration in a college setting unheard of at the time. They paved the way to research the issue and for Bill, his work on employment made it possible for many peers to conceive of employment as a next step to living a life.

Dr. Gina Nikkel, founding Open Excellence CEO, said “The world has lost a visionary and those of us who were privileged enough to learn from and work alongside of Bill are truly blessed. Bill’s legacy as a scholar and a gentleman is an example for all of us. He will be sorely missed.”



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