Open Excellence Welcomes New President & CEO Seana O’Callaghan

WILSONVILLE, OR, September 8, 2020 – Open Excellence, a public interest foundation dedicated to revolutionizing mental health care, today announced that Seana O’Callaghan has been named as President and Chief Executive Officer. Jessica Pratt, who has been acting Chief Executive Officer for the last six months will continue as Chief Communications Officer.

Seana O’Callaghan began her work in community mental health at the Nathan Kline Institute in the Department of Statistics and Services research over 15 years ago. There and at non-profit organizations dedicated to improving mental health services and ending homelessness, she gained experience in mixed methods research, grants administration and grant writing, project management and intervention research development. She has worked independently as a grant writing consultant in the fields of housing and public mental health, and established and operated a successful private retail and service business. Ms. O’Callaghan is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

“I am thrilled to have Seana join Open Excellence. She is extremely intelligent and has a keen understanding of the fraught and complex mental health care system.  From her previous work and experience, she understands what we have been trying to achieve. At the same time, she has the capacity to critically examine various initiatives and she understands the many challenges we face. I am excited to join with her to further the mission of OE.”

“I am passionate about the power of community to support people and overcome structural barriers,” said Seana O’Callaghan. “I am very excited to champion the Open Excellence mission of supporting innovative research that shines light on the benefits and pathways to a  person-centered and community-centered mental health care system which supports human flourishing.”

About Open Excellence

Many people feel powerless in the face of mental health issues. At Open Excellence, we bring together a diverse collaborative to find and implement meaningful solutions to transform our world. Our donors fund independent research and journalism, innovative program development and education to co-create the mental health care of the future today. Learn more at



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