Open Path Psychotherapy Collective Fund

Donor Advised Fund, Program

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a network of like-minded mental health clinicians dedicated to reaching individuals and families who can neither afford therapy sessions nor qualify for government aid. The Collective matches participating clinicians with individuals in need of local, in-office mental health care at a steeply reduced rate.

Where the problem lies

Many people in need of mental health care earn too much to qualify for government assistance and too little to afford a weekly or even every-other-week session with a qualified psychotherapist, psychologist, or social worker. Almost two-thirds of those seeking mental health care have difficulty accessing it, and 45% of this group cite cost as a barrier. This is in spite of the fact that 90% of people with access to psychotherapeutic treatment report significant long-term improvements.

Help is on the way

The Open Path Psychotherapy Collective provider list is growing all the time! Please visit our site, where you can join the team or find a therapist. Open Path bridges the often overlooked economic gap between qualified mental health professionals and the many Americans who need them. Our network of like-minded mental health clinicians are dedicated to reaching those who fall through the cracks.

The Collective’s website provides a searchable, detailed index of psychotherapists, psychologists, and social workers who belong to the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. Besides connecting altruistic clinicians with those who want to find them, Open Path links clinicians to a suite of educational and business services that support mental health practices.

Please help improve access by donating to the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.

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