RxISK.org Fund

Donor Advised Fund, Education, Research

The RxISK Fund supports the collection, analysis and publishing of patient data and related narratives of experiences with medications to promote recovery and make medicines safer for all of us through the integration of the best research data with clinical expertise and patient values.

Where the problem lies

Improving medication safety and outcomes is a multi-faceted problem, but one point is clear – that people with lived experience have information that should be part of a research database and that could increase public awareness and education.

Help is on the way

The website, www.RxISK.org, enables reporting of medication outcomes by those with lived experience. Its mobile site extends this capability to many handheld devices. These sites report the merits or drawbacks of treatments, testing and diagnoses. The RxISK Fund also offers expert assessments of new drugs by independent clinicians for licensed and unlicensed indications, analysis of consumer-reported data relative to medication outcomes, and educational resources about treatment risk and risk mitigation. It also supports these activities:

  • Publishing of research results
  • Lectures
  • Analysis of political, sociological, legal and regulatory impacts on health
  • Instruments to aid in determining the likely success or drawbacks of treatment programs and the quality of medical care

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