Beautiful Minds Wellness Fund

Donor Advised Fund, Program

Beautiful Minds Wellness’ mission is to make comprehensive, wholistic mental health care accessible to those in need with construction of the Beautiful Minds Wellness Mental Health & Wellness Campus in Auburn, California.

Where the problem lies

Too many people suffering from mental and emotional distress have run out of options yet desire healing. Those struggling deserve a range of whole-person services that will give them options beyond just meds to enable them to thrive regardless of their diagnoses. There is a large demand for these types of services and a tremendous shortage of providers and facilities that offer integrated holistic mental health care.



Help is on the way

Visionary, Dr. Daniel Binus, and his Board of Directors began Beautiful Minds Wellness in 2017 with the mission to inspire and connect individuals from every walk of life with compassionate, whole-person mental health services, enabling healthy, life-long transformation. Beautiful Minds Wellness aims to change the paradigm around the treatment of mental illness to truly support individuals on a solid path toward mental wellness that is surrounded by love, compassion and a whole-person approach that seeks to truly understand the underlying causes for mental illness. This means we address the whole-person based on the individual’s biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Expanding on What’s Working

Expanding on what is working is a goal of Beautiful Minds Wellness. Graduates of Dr. Binus’ lifestyle based intensive outpatient program show significant decreases in depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. In 2018, average depression levels dropped from severe to normal ups & downs and average hopelessness levels decreased from moderate to minimal after 2-3 weeks of intensive outpatient care. Dr. Binus knows that lifestyle interventions, coupled with loving support and integrative care, are effective. This passion fuels his desire to expand access to care and enable more people to receive this transformational type of care.

Building An Oasis of Hope

Beautiful Minds Wellness is moving forward with plans for building a vibrant mental health campus that offers comprehensive integrative medical, mental health, wellness services and education in the foothills of Northern California near the greater Sacramento area. A phased fundraising and building plan will be unveiled soon for those who would like to invest their philanthropic capital in the creation of this life-giving space for healing and growth.

Beautiful Minds Wellness goals will require facilities with specific capabilities and a reasonably central location. Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital and the Sutter Hospital Foundation are generously donating land for the development of the campus in Auburn, CA. At least 50,000 square feet of building space will support these life-giving programs and services. This location will serve the greater Sacramento and Sierra foothills regions in the state of California.

A Spectrum of Services

The Beautiful Minds Mental Health and Wellness Campus will facilitate partnerships with other like-minded business to expand access to wholistic mental health care through a full spectrum of services. The campus will include the following facilities and services.

  • Beautiful Minds Wellness Center – community workshops, civic events, gym, exercise groups, community garden, support groups, virtual classroom, seminars, and sponsorships for wholistic intensive outpatient programs.
  • Beautiful Minds Medical – psychiatric care, family and individual therapy, intensive outpatient program/partial hospitalization program, TMS treatment, and hydrotherapy.
  • Integrative medical practices – primary care, lifestyle medicine, and others.
  • Whole-foods, plant-based café.
  • Temporary residential units for patients from out-of-area and/or family members.
  • Walking paths, natural surroundings, and rejuvenation areas.

To learn more about this project and ways to get involved, email Dr. Binus or call 530-217-3870.


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