"Psychiatric Drugs Do More Harm Than Good"

Copenhagen, September 16, 2015 Conference Video Series

Peter Gøtzsche of the Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen arranged this conference uncovering what the scientific literature reveals about the effects of psychiatric medication. Those lectures are followed by real world accounts.

Part 1 with Robert Whitaker: Our Psychiatric Epidemic – A Historical Overview.

Part 2 with Peter Gøtzsche: Few Benefit, Many Harmed

Part 3 with Robert Whitaker: Medicating ADHD

Part 4 with Peter Gøtzsche: Stop Forced Treatment

Part 5A with Mathy Downing: Fight for Kids

Part 5B with Wendy Dolin: Drug-Induced Akathisia

Part 5C: with Stephanie McGill Lynch – Prozac: My Child Died

Part 5D: with Leonie Fennell: Informed Consent

Part 5E: with Kim Witczak: Woody Matters

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