Quick update: Help for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Coming Soon

Getting a prescription for a psychiatric drug is as easy as walking into your GP’s office or neighborhood urgent care clinic. Finding a qualified professional to help reduce or stop a psychiatric drug can be nearly impossible.

The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, headquartered in London, aims to change that.

While its inaugural conference is delayed by the pandemic (now slated for May 2022 in Reykjavik, Iceland), the Institute is co-sponsoring a series of town hall panel discussions available for free on YouTube, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: Exploring Issues, Challenges & Opportunities.

With a small grant from Open Excellence, the Institute will release a short film about how to come off psychiatric drugs, in November. The film was commissioned  from the service user-led production company MindWick and will be available at iipdw.org for a “pay as you wish” sum. It is co-produced with Stevie Lewis, a person with lived experience of psychiatric drug withdrawal, the psychiatrist and researcher Mark Horowitz and Institute board members Ruth Cooper and John Read. The film is designed for a broad audience of service users, carers and prescribers of psychiatric drugs.

Aims of the Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

  • Develop research and practice-based knowledge that will facilitate safe reduction of and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.
  • Contribute to evidence-based practices for reduction of and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs, and facilitate their inclusion in general practice guidelines.
  • Support the human right to informed choice with regard to psychiatric drugs.
  • Promote practices that help families, friends, and practitioners support safe reduction of and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs, and take into account relational and social aspects essential to this process.

Get in touch with the Institute at info@iipdw.org and follow its latest events and resources on Twitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, visit https://www.madinamerica.com/drugs-withdrawal-home/ for a collection of information and resources on psychiatric drug withdrawal.

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