Gayle R. Berg, PhD

Board Secretary, Roslyn Heights, NY
"Open Excellence is uniquely positioned to galvanize mental health care globally, by ensuring the sustainability of scientific research that identifies best practices and innovative treatment approaches. Working together, we can transform our mental health delivery systems so that they are humane, recovery-oriented and infused with hope."

Gayle R. Berg, PhD is a practicing psychologist in Roslyn Heights, New York. She received her doctorate degree in Psychology from New York University in 1983. While earning her degree, Berg worked full-time at Mt. Sinai Hospital in the Out Patient Department of Psychiatry as the Assistant Clinical Director of the Day Treatment Center. She helped to design and develop this innovative treatment program for individuals suffering from major psychological problems and diagnoses.

Berg’s commitment to the recovery movement and to improving the quality of mental health care nationwide includes decades of state and national legislative advocacy and leadership and service on numerous public and private committees.

Meet Gayle

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