Who are you holding the hope for?

First as a foster mom and now with little ones of my own, over these past ten years Open Excellence has given me the knowledge and the courage I need in times of fear and crisis to slow down and make wiser, truly informed choices about mental health care for myself and my family.

Because of what I have learned from this community of scientists, care professionals and advocates, I have been able to walk alongside loved ones in crisis in a much more helpful way and to hold the hope for them in the dark times.

But we are just the vanguard, with so much more to discover and create and so many people still to reach with the message that there is hope, that together we can find meaning and solutions to walk through the hardest times to better ones.

The clock is ticking, and we’re doing everything we can to set up systems that will truly support us in navigating mental and emotional crises.

You can show your support and solidarity with a contribution of any amount. Everything counts.

And right now your donation will be matched 100% by a fellow donor who feels as passionately as you do.

We invite you to plant your flag in the ground and say “Enough! People need help now!”

Alone, we can only go so far.

Together, anything is possible.

Will you join us?

Donate today, and together we can create a better tomorrow.


In solidarity,

Jessica Pratt
Chief Communications Officer

PS. Don’t miss this opportunity to double your gift. Donate today and when you do, please leave us a note about what this work means to you.



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