From the streets of Philadelphia
to the mountains of New Zealand, we connect philanthropists to mental health initiatives that are changing lives.

Join us – a dedicated community that believes it’s time we improve mental health care – people with lived experience, clinicians, family members, public policy advocates and companies. From our founding, we have asked ourselves how charitably minded people could make the most of their giving, how we could help them manage their giving and how to provide a full spectrum of options in both giving and personal involvement.

Giving the smart, easy way

Excellence brings its donors powerful financial benefits and expert giving advice. As a community foundation, we are a public charity, so you receive the most advantageous tax benefits available for charitable gifts. The expertise of our investment advisors  ensures the stability and longevity of your gifts.

Giving now. By making a gift now, you can experience the joy of philanthropy and witness the difference your gift can make.

Giving later. Making a gift to Excellence as part of your estate plans lets you ensure that the work of reforming mental health care extends far into the future. You can leave a specific amount or percentage, or a “residual” – what’s left after your other gifts have been made.

How to give. Whatever the goals of your philanthropy, Excellence has the fund options and investment resources to help you organize your gifts in ways that are strategic, flexible and effective.

Among these is our exciting donor-advised Incubator Fund that helps donors initiate and support the creation of new Programs of Excellence. Before legally incorporating their new initiative on a stand-alone basis, donors are able to attract tax-deductible, start-up funding through the Foundation. Once a fund’s program is established, its leaders might spin it off as its own non-profit.

However you decide to give, you will have the support of our advisory services. Our advice is based on our core beliefs and relies on the expertise of our Global Scientific Advisory Council and our financial advisors.

What to give. You can use almost any type of asset to create a fund or add to an established fund.

You can focus on giving

We manage all administrative work, including investments, annual tax reporting, due diligence about the organizations you want to support, and compliance with laws and IRS regulations. Once you establish a fund, we provide clear instructions on how to use your fund. Strict confidentiality is always the rule.

Instead of a private foundation…or in addition to one. Sometimes, donors who have a private foundation or who are considering one find that they can achieve the same results with far fewer headaches – succession management, trustee selection, children losing interest, hiring and managing staff – by setting up a fund at Excellence instead.

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