Young researchers at Mt Sinai aim to drive socially-conscious holistic care

Psychiatry residents Arifa Zaidi and Susan Kim are using data from their Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study to influence and inform the next generation of providers and seeking to adapt novel, online platforms to engage students in thinking about the social determinants of health

“What started out as a study identifying ACEs in the Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic at our community program [at New York City’s Mt Sinai Morningside/West] has evolved to a multi-arm project including adult inpatient, child inpatient and student curriculum development. Our research group hopes to identify ACEs in various patient populations throughout our system and hypothesizes that ACEs correlate not only with worse medical outcomes, but also with more severe psychiatric pathology. We aim to correlate ACEs prevalence data with measures that influence systems-based conceptualization of our patient’s as a whole including number of hospitalizations, length of hospital stays, and risk level, amongst others,” writes Mt Sinai psychiatry resident and latest Open Excellence grantee, Dr. Arifa Zaidi.

“Ultimately our goal is to bring attention to incorporating trauma history into standard psychiatric care, anticipating that this will address the holistic needs of our patients and deepen the psychiatric formulation. For example, in our inpatient child study, we have selected the PEARLs questionnaire which is modified from ACEs to include experiences regarding discrimination and other broad social factors. Using our data to influence and inform the next generation of providers is critical and we are seeking to adapt novel, online platforms to engage students in thinking about the social determinants of health.”

A microgrant from Open Excellence will support the analysis and publication of study data.

Small grants with a big impact
Thanks to the commitment and generosity of our donors, Open Excellence has been able to award several competitive microgrants targeting our five priority areas for 2021: COVID-19 relief to providers of peer or voluntary mental health services; decolonizing, racism and inequality in mental health diagnosis and care; industry influence in mental health; the social determinants of mental health; and advocacy and human rights. Though small, these grants support critical infrastructure at peer service organizations, document and share innovations in care and support early career and peer researchers. (Grant applications are currently accepted by invitation only.)


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