Mental Health Excellence

At Open Excellence, we fund independent research and innovative programs that improve mental health outcomes.

Who we are

Open Excellence was established in 2011 as a unique community foundation — of, by and for the community of people concerned with improving mental health globally. We raise money to provide direct grants to change and improve the way that mental health care is conceived and delivered. We are the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.

Our mission

Open Excellence is a 501(c)3 charitable organization with a mission to sponsor research and programs that promote better mental health outcomes. We identify, help develop, and share knowledge with the public about mental health care that best helps people recover and live well in society.

Our vision

We envision a new world of mental health provision that prioritizes recovery, connection and human rights for all who suffer with mental health problems. We work with investigators and innovators who address the social determinants of health to discover solutions to mental health problems that promote healing and growth. We seek to bring about humane, science-based mental health practices that are developed independent from industry influence and delivered with compassion and respect for the human rights and dignity of all people. We seek to build, and build upon, a foundation for excellence in mental health care.


Malea Stockton | Chief Administrative Officer

Kermit Cole, MFT | Board Chair

Hannah Lingley | Board Vice Chair

David Hughes, PhD | Treasurer

Gayle R. Berg, PhD | Board Secretary

Giovan E. Bazan | Board Member

Christopher Gordon, MD | Board Member

Pablo Sadler, MD, MPH | Board Member


Rob Cotes, MD | Scientific Advisory Council Chair, Atlanta, GA

Lee Combrinck-Graham, MD | Scientific Advisor, Stamford, CT

Judith Cook, PhD | Scientific Advisor, University of Illinois, Chicago

David Healy, MD, FRCPsych | Scientific Advisor, McMaster University, Ontario, CA

Swapnil Gupta, MD | Scientific Advisor, Yale School of Medicine

Jeffrey R. Lacasse, PhD | Scientific Advisor, Florida State University

Rebecca Miller, PhD | Scientific Advisor, Yale School of Medicine

Judith Pentz, MD | Scientific Advisor, University of New Mexico

Ronda Speight | White Plains, NY

Tony Stanton, MD | Scientific Advisor, Bainbridge Island, WA

Sandra Steingard, MD | Burlington, VT

Joseph Stoklosa, MD | Scientific Advisor, Harvard Medical School

Kenneth Thompson, MD | Scientific Advisor, University of Pittsburgh

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