Open Excellence General Fund

At Open Excellence, we fund independent research and innovative programs that transform mental health care.

Scientific integrity

We recognize the value of medical and drug treatment, but we are informed by the fraught history of the impact that large donations and lobbying from the pharmaceutical industry has had on psychiatric research and practice. 

For this reason, we do not accept donations from pharmaceutical companies. 

We strive to ensure that all of the results accomplished through the work of our partners and grantees is independent, scientifically sound, and promotes recovery for individuals, their communities, and our society.

Restoring humanity

Open Excellence raises funds to support the development of promising mental health practice outside of the influence of the pharmaceutical industry, but not in opposition to medicine.

By contributing to the General Fund, you help develop services that empower individuals and communities to connect and heal, you take a stand for independent research on mental health interventions that work, and you help bring to light unbiased reliable information. 

You align yourself with these universal values: first do no harm, promote scientific integrity, honor the voices and choices of people in distress, and respect human rights for all people.


General Fund grants for research and programs are made according to the annual funding priorities established by the Board of Directors.

Current funding priorities are:

  • COVID-19 Relief: Urgent Aid to Providers of Peer or Voluntary Mental Health Services
  • Decolonizing, Racism and Inequality in Mental Health Diagnosis and Care
  • Industry Influence in Mental Health
  • The Social Determinants of Mental Illness and Health
  • Advocacy and Human Rights

Funding is provided in the following categories:

  1. Outreach and Education Grants – researching, writing and publication of articles on priority area topics in established, edited journals or news outlets.
  2. William Anthony Memorial Research Grants – support for any type of scientifically valid research project in the priority areas, and preparation of manuscripts on priority areas for publication in reputable academic journals.
  3. Peer Services – support for direct services, advocacy or other urgent needs.
  4. Other voluntary community mental health services – support for direct services or other urgent needs.

Grant applications are currently accepted by invitation only.