Yale Symposium, April 2015: New Data & New Hopes Call for New Practices in Clinical Psychiatry

An international gathering at Yale University which reviewed new data generated over the last decade related to the treatment, course, and outcome of serious mental illnesses and the implications of these data for changing clinical practice in psychiatry. Co-sponsors included The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, and the Connecticut Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services. | Symposium Agenda

Davidson_Yale-2015_YouTube_thumbThe role of psychosocial interventions in promoting recovery | Larry Davidson, PhD | Slides (PDF), Video David Healy Yale Symposium 2015 VideoWhat the antidepressant story tells us about recovery
David Healy, MD, FRC Psyc | Slides (PDF), Video
gordon_yale_thumbOpen Dialogue: The Advocates Experience – The Collaborative Pathway and Open Dialogue in Community-Based Flexible Supports | Christopher Gordon, MD | Slides (PDF), Video lex-video-thumbRole of antipsychotic medications in the long-term treatment of psychosis, part II | Lex Wunderink MD, PhD | Slides (PDF), Video
harrow-video-thumbRole of antipsychotic medications in the long-term treatment of psychosis, part I
Martin Harrow, PhD | Slides (PDF), Video
Harding_Yale-2015_YouTube_thumbLessons we have learned from longitudinal research about what promotes recovery from psychosis | Courtenay Harding, PhD | Slides (PDF)



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