Donor Advised Funds

Living legacies for generations to come

In 2011, a group of philanthropists came together with a radical idea: to create a community foundation where those with the means and the passion could establish Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) to support research and programs that promote recovery for people affected by mental health problems. Today, Open Excellence continues to manage and grow a diverse set of DAFs through the Foundation For Excellence in Mental Health Care, each with its own specific aim. Some donor-advisors have chosen to focus on supporting successful peer support innovations, like the Hearing Voices Network. Others provide support for research on important under-funded topics, such as the role of nutrition in mental illness and health. We invite you to explore the funds, and contribute to any fund that speaks to your passion for improving mental health. Or, if you don’t see a fund that meets your dreams for better mental health, you can click here to learn more about joining the world of progressive mental health philanthropy by setting up your own fund.


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