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A new narrative of mental health care based on human rights and scientific integrity

Truth and Justice

Separating fact from the fiction of industry-controlled research and marketing has become the life’s work of many of today’s PhD researchers.

It is no wonder that doctors, policy makers and the public alike are making critical decisions about mental health care largely in the dark and too often without realizing how compromised so much of the research really is.

Public Charity for Public Good

Open Excellence donors support independent investigative journalism on critical issues in mental health care through a multiyear grant to the Mad In America webzine – free of industry influence, providing a resource that elevates high-quality research and coverage of under-reported areas of excellence and of concern around the world.

An Eye on Today and Tomorrow

MIA Reports cover critical unfolding events in mental health care, such as pandemic response in state-run institutions and the nexus of race, disability and state violence.

Reports also track emerging technology and trends with potential impacts on the social justice and civil liberty of people with mental health challenges and provide in-depth analysis of both new and foundational research and practices, highlighting failures and identifying emerging solutions.

Promoting Democracy

The rights of people with disabilities are a bellwether for the rights of societies at large.

“We need little short of a revolution in mental health care to end decades of neglect, abuse and violence…I  am calling on States to move away from traditional practices and thinking, and enable a long overdue shift to a rights-based approach. The status quo is simply unacceptable,” wrote United Nations special rapporteur Dainius Pūrius in 2017.

Open Excellence support for the development of these right-based approaches to care and for reporting on these practices at Mad In America and its international affiliates are lighting the fires for the necessary revolution in care.

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