surviving race: dialogues & retreat

Bringing together national Black, Indigenous, People of Color Peers, Activists, Advocates, Leadership and Allies in the United States

Social Justice = Anti-racism

Social justice is the bedrock of Open Excellence, guiding our partnerships and our grantmaking to raise awareness and to correct systemic injustices against people with mental health challenges.

Along with many others, we have come to realize that a commitment to social justice must mean an active commitment to antiracism. For us, that means elevating and correcting racial injustice in mental health care and the systems that connect to it.

In It Together

We can no longer ignore the injustice and pain that stalwart Black, Indigenous and people of color have been denouncing in our communities and in our halls of power for generations.

This past year has laid bare for all to see the racism and oppression that is woven into and between the systems we all rely upon, not least our mental health system.

Hand In Hand

As we begin the journey, we are honored to partner with the Surviving Race: The Intersection of Disability, Injustice and Human Rights coalition to sponsor its upcoming Dialogues & Retreat. Due to rising COVID infection rates, it is postponed to August 28-September 1, 2022. 

The Time is Now

Surviving Race believes that working with intersections to understand race, disability and human rights can change the world. 

This is our time.  Let us draw on our strengths now to create a truly just society and show our children a better way. 

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