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Instead of choosing a specific initiative to support, you can contribute to our primary Open Excellence fund. This makes your contribution available for new […]
“Making trusted human connections during times of feeling socially isolated has been invaluable, in addition to having a common experience that has emerged out […]
An endowment fund to ensure continued support for the recovery movement over time. This fund sustains Excellence’s infrastructure to secure the legacy of hope that the recovery […]

Donor Advised Funds:

The RxISK Fund supports the collection, analysis and publishing of patient data and related narratives of experiences with medications to promote recovery and make […]
The Folktime Fund will secure the future of Portland, Oregon’s life-changing FolkTime peer support programs for generations to come through the planned giving of […]

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Hearing Voices

Research and Development national expansion initiative

In the United States, the standard response is to pressure or force voice hearers to take psychotropic medications which many find ineffective and some disabling. It doesn’t have to be this way.


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