Donor Advised Funds


In 2011, a group of philanthropists, mental health advocates and practitioners came together with a radical idea: to create a mental health community foundation, where those with the means and the passion could establish Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). They aimed to support research and programs that promote recovery for people affected by mental health problems, and over the years they have established dozens of funds that have paid for cutting edge research and services that revolutionize mental health care.

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Success stories and positive change from projects we've funded.

Research and Development national expansion initiative

In the United States, the standard response is to pressure or force voice hearers to take psychotropic medications which many find ineffective and some disabling. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Adapting Open Dialogue to the United States initiative

A commitment to ‘tolerance of uncertainty’ prioritizes time to understand a person’s experience instead of the usual rush to diagnose and treat.

A new narrative of mental health care based on human rights and scientific integrity

Open Excellence donors support independent investigative journalism on critical issues in mental health care through a multiyear grant to the Mad In America webzine – free of industry influence, providing a resource that elevates high-quality research and coverage of under-reported areas of excellence and of concern around the world.

Bringing together national Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC ) Peers, Activists, Advocates, Leadership and Allies in the United States

Along with many others, we have come to realize that a commitment to social justice must mean an active commitment to antiracism. For us, that means elevating and correcting racial injustice in mental health care and the systems that connect to it.


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