Rob Cotes, MD

Robert O. Cotes is Associate Professor at Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and an inpatient psychiatrist at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Lee Combrinck-Graham, MD

“I care deeply about changing the expectation that children’s problems should be treated with medication rather than being managed through the family, school, and the child. Excellence is a welcome support in that struggle.”

Judith Cook, PhD

“I share with Excellence its focus on nationwide change and its commitment to recovery-oriented, empowering models of service and support.”

David Healy, MD, FRCPsych

“Being part of Excellence feels like being in the presence of a candle in the darkness, and I’m very keen we keep this candle going.”

Swapnil Gupta, MD

Swapnil Gupta is Assistant Professor and Attending Psychiatrist at Connecticut Mental Health Center, Yale School of Medicine.

Bonnie Kaplan, PhD

“Excellence is committed to the increase of knowledge in mental health disorders and recovery. Research creates a fertile ground for discovery, and discoveries eventually lead to better lives.”

Jeffrey R. Lacasse, PhD

“There is a significant gap between what the research data shows and what mental health clients hear from clinicians, the media, and advertisements. The Foundation is working to close this gap.”

Rebecca Miller, PhD

Rebecca Miller is Assistant Professor and Director of Family Initiatives at Connecticut Mental Health Center, Yale School of Medicine.

Judith Pentz, MD

“Mindfulness, heart-focused approaches, nutrition and many other therapies are only now beginning to be understood and utilized. A foundation like Excellence that promotes this better understanding is to be highly valued.”

Tony Stanton, MD

“The importance of community mental health initiatives cannot be overstated. Through the work of Excellence we can further that work.”

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