Saving Science: It's Time to Solve Publication Bias

Erick Turner has published an important piece in CNS Drugs entitled “Publication Bias, with a Focus on Psychiatry: Causes and Solutions.” It should be required reading for any medical student, non-medical helping professional, or practicing prescriber. Rather than being an unbiased reflection of the underlying data, the psychiatric literature is instead sort of a funhouse […]

Thoughts on the Meaning of Neuroscience

Judith Shulevitz, the science editor for The New Republic recently wrote an interesting article on loneliness.It caught my eye because it started with a nod to Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, the psychoanalyst who was immortalized in Joanne Greenberg’s fictionalize memoir of her recovery from psychosis, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. Ms. Shulevitz goes on to […]

Elusive Justice – America’s Thought Leaders Weigh In at USC Symposium

I made my escape from the glitz of Las Vegas and a national conference on behavioral health this past month and flew into the surprisingly fresh–and relatively boring–air of Los Angeles. I could even see the hills! The purpose of this personal transformation back to reality was to attend the Third Annual Symposium on Mental […]