When you want to make a difference, talk with us about the best ways to achieve your charitable and financial goals.

Our generous donors are the heart of our funds. Each of their creations becomes part of our family of funds, and each works to reform and improve mental health care. Even the most complex forms of giving are possible here, and our public charity status allows the maximum tax advantages available under the law.

Creating a fund with Excellence

You may wish to begin by discussing the many possibilities with your financial planner or contacting us directly. A fund can be created quickly and easily to suit your situation. You can donate many different types of assets including cash, securities and real estate. Establishing a fund is particularly advantageous if you own appreciated stock. You can give now or make a gift part of your estate planning.

Types of funds

By making a gift now you can experience the joy of philanthropy and witness the difference your gift can make. Your contributions to Excellence can take many forms. Any of the following asset types can be used to establish a charitable fund or give to an existing fund at Excellence.

These are the types of funds that can be created:
Donor-advised Funds
Field of Interest Funds
Donor Designated Funds
Incubator Funds

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