About Donor-Designated Funds

As an endowment, a designated fund endures forever; the endowment is never spent out. Our skilled Investment Committee provides your fund with the best investment options, and its structure as an endowment reassures donors to your fund that their gift is well managed and secured in perpetuity.

Minimum to open a Donor-Designated Fund: $100,000

When to choose a Donor-Designated Fund

Donor-designated funds are the method of choice when you want to ensure the long-term health of an organization about which you care deeply. Using a designated fund allows you to contribute to non-profits that are not prepared for endowment management.

If the designated nonprofit ceases to exist, loses its tax exempt status or changes its mission, Excellence can redirect the fund to support an organization or organizations that are as similar as possible to your original intentions. We are here to serve your philanthropic wishes and will always consult your current fund advisor should your funds need to be redirected.

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