About Incubator Funds

This is the tool to use when you want to take an active part in developing your vision for improving mental health outcomes. With this type of fund, you can grow an entire organization and ultimately spin it off as its own 501c3. We can help you develop a business plan for your incubator fund.

We make investing in a charitable initiative easy by supporting you through IRS and legal regulations, freeing you to focus on the launch of your event, project or organization.

You can make contributions to the fund whenever you wish, recommend grants whenever and to whomever you wish, and receive an immediate income tax deduction each time you add assets.

Minimum to open an incubator fund: $100,000.


When to choose an Incubator Fund

Incubator funds are an exciting way to leverage your personal involvement and create an entire organization, event or initiative.

Unlike private foundations (required to distribute 5% annually), there are no minimum distribution requirements, and the level of maximum distributions – down to zero – allows for grants large enough to support substantial launches. Alternatively, you can let the fund grow until you are ready to recommend grants.


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