What to ask

Here is an easy guide – 7 key questions — to help your clients define financial, charitable and lifetime goals:

  1. What charitable organizations do you currently support?
  2. Would you like your support to continue or grow as life goes on or at your passing?
  3. Philanthropy can be so powerful. Have you developed philanthropic goals for yourself or for your family?
  4. Is there a philanthropic legacy you would like to be remembered for?
  5. Who would you prefer to inherit your assets – Family? Government?  A cause dear to you?
  6. Where should your assets go if your spouse or children do not survive you? In that case, would you want assets passed on to a nonprofit?
  7. Is reducing taxes a goal in your estate planning? Are time-sensitive tax considerations influencing your giving decisions?

Assets for giving now

Any of these types of assets can be used to establish a fund at Excellence or contribute to one.

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Assets for giving through estate planning

All of these methods are ways to make a planned gift and help your client accomplish his or her charitable goals.

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