Take your choice of many bold new ways to change the world of mental health care.

Each of our existing funds is making an important difference, and you can too, with each contribution to them. Donations to existing funds can be made in any form and at any level. If you would like help deciding which fund to support, just let us know. We are here to help!

Independent research funds

At the core of our mission is support for independent research, work that sorts and clarifies issues, bringing empiricism and rigor to the field. We must know what is true and what works for people. It starts here.

Innovative program funds

From best to promising practices, these are the programs on the front lines, providing recovery-oriented care when and where it is needed. With results reported back through Excellence, these are programs promoting and attaining recovery. These are the programs that are changing the face of mental health care.

Education funds

Among our most important initiatives are those that are changing the conversation about mental health. These are the funds that support study groups and conferences for clinicians, help to organize the National Dialogue events, work to develop new standards of care, and spread the word worldwide about recovery-oriented research and programs. These funds fight the old myths and support the promise of recovery that is a lifeline for so many.

The Excellence General Fund

Our General Fund is unrestricted, so it lets you support the work of Excellence in the most flexible way. It is an excellent way to leverage your investment, since it supports our outreach to like-minded philanthropists and thus may result in even broader support. It also helps us meet urgent needs and develop research or program initiatives of our own.


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