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Mental Health Care

The time has come for systemic change – a transformation in the values, philosophies, treatments and delivery of services that address mental health challenges. If the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is this.

Mental health problems are among the top ten global causes of disease burden, with no improvement since 1990.  Yet, less than 2% of global public health care expenditures are spent on mental health. And, much of the care delivered fails to produce good results over the long-term.

“From addiction to dementia to schizophrenia, almost 1 billion people worldwide suffer from a mental disorder. In total, poor mental health was estimated to cost the world economy approximately $2·5 trillion per year in poor health and reduced productivity in 2010, a cost projected to rise to $6 trillion by 2030.”

Mental health matters, The Lancet Global Health, November, 202

What if we began with radical humility?

Sharing what we know and being honest about what we don't.

Being Human

People struggle and suffer in many ways, yet labeling these only as “medical” issues isn’t always helpful. There are other ways of thinking about mental health challenges.

Out of Balance

A one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work. Medications are often overprescribed, yet under-deliver, while those with complex challenges struggle to find their footing.

System Failure

Health care systems often fail to produce lasting results in the realm of mental health, seeking savings by treating symptoms rather than addressing the root causes of suffering and distress.

Hidden Bias

Information on mental health can be compromised through short-term studies that overstate pharmaceutical efficacy, and failure to report negative trials and adverse events. 

Learning to Listen

We are complex beings who react uniquely to mental health challenges.

We need a paradigm shift to person-centered and social and culturally relevant care, which respects the voices, values and strengths of the individual and their community.

A New Approach

We need a new approach to mental health care that honors individuals, families and communities as integrated,  complex humans and social structures. Our initiatives are at the forefront of this movement and producing viable results.

Mental health is about more than treating illnesses, it is about reaching our human potential.

Mental health is about creating systems of care that promote the right of  every individual to achieve the highest possible state of health and well-being; and to live full, satisfying lives of their own design.

"Open Excellence empowers those of us who have dealt with mental crises, to see our experiences as valid and meaningful, and ourselves as equally as worthy of respect and full moral status as anyone else -not despite- but because of our lived experiences."
Zelda Menard

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